This is a process to permanently remove hair from unwanted areas. It is done by slidding a hair-thin metal probe into a hair follicle, without puncturing the skin.

Permanent hair removal is accomplished by directing a measured amount of electric current into the natural opening of the hair follicle by means of an ultra fine instrument until the base of the hair root is effectively treated. This procedure causes gradual cellular destruction, impairing the ability of the follicle to produce hair. There is minimum discomfort. Since certain areas of the body are more sensitive to treatment than others the sensations associated with electrolysis will vary.

It is a commitment you make to yourself for yourself. Through the use of sophisticated technology and the professional skill of a licensed electrologist, this is one of the main and only methods of permanent hair removal and is approved by physicians and health professionals as being a safe procedure.

Donna is a professional electrologist. Her experience and education in the practice of electrology are always available to make you a better informed client. An appointment for a confidential consultation is conducted in the privacy of a professional office. After you have taken the time to discuss the advantages/disadvantages of electrolysis, it is the beginning of a commitment that you come to realize you should have made long ago.